Saturday, February 9, 2013

i am a women at age 26

my 26 chronologies

00.00 am

 received a bufday wishes from him as i turned 26.. jujurnya he's still young than me dgn beza 1month 18 days...tuanya aku.. im not so surprised if have a wrinkle line early than he... a wrinkle ok...

sorry sikpat post msg yg dihantar coz im still malu nk show off...hahhahahaha


i received d most special present from he wanted me to be his soulmate here an once he say that he want me to be his srikandi as a prophet mother, AMINAH, a prophet daughter, FATIMAH n RABIATUL ADAWIYAH .... he ask me to learn what they do/serve to their husband, father and a good wife , mother , friends , lover

wonderful present from him as he need me to add knowledge to be a good wife,mother , friend n lover


memulakan misi kami membeli barang exhausted but thanx to my mum, che ya , abah n him  sbb layan i yg cerewet ni..... jalan smpai pkul 6 smpai rumah n terpakse lunch pkul 6... sume da settle .... beli kain tuk majlis nnt since i xde sewa or tempah dgn tailor tuk dress for nikah n bersanding ..evrything will be design n jahit oelh my mum sendiri..she said that she is very excited coz mcm x pervaya akan jahit sendiri baju anak perempuan dia utk kawen alee pun da bli baju siap tuk sanding our collections can pass to our generation hehhehe....Alhamdulillah..dgn izin Allah semua berjalan lancar...

show off his bakat..taking care a baby..see can hold a baby without hesitate...means he love to be a father soon..hehe

teruskan our 2nd mission, heading to ikea for "home shopping" hehehe... actually buying a few thins for pelamin since i gonna setup my own pelamin.. so i da buat my own design what kind of pelamin that i want..d pic i da post in previous entry..we decided to come out with vintage concept by mixing with turquoise.. so dis march i back to terengganu make a pre-setup for pelamin n see how its look like..maybe kene beli a few thing if necessary la... actually for this upcoming event, everything will be manage by family so i takde guna mane2 pakej pelamin, mak andam or consultant la..since our bajet is very ciput..sume kene cut cost sbb bajet tuk kawen kene invest for my studies..huhuhu poor me, cant held a very meriah n glamor majlis... cukuplah sekadar yg biasa2 n ikut syarat.. tuk pelamin tu bkn ape, actually since last year lg i da survey any pakej yg menarik kt ganu.. n i ada suka kt satu design ni la..then when i call for book, unfortunately tarikh tu da ada org booked so sedih smpai xlh tido mlm so bgn awl pg then design my own pelamin...then i fikir, meriahnya pelamin utk ape? nowdays pelamin just used for snapping thats y i decide to make my own pelamin..then barang pelamin tu blh guna utk rmh i kelak since my concept is vintage n byk brg yg akn digunakan utk xde la nk wasting money for nothing kn? pay for rm3000 just for grand pelamin n at the end we got nothing from that... hehhehehe..maybe some of u might be think that im so kedekut or berkira, well it depends on the person on how they gonna make their DAY memorable la kn? so choose to make something precious then i can proud...hehehhehehe.

home shopping in advance with my parents at ikea...  so happy..everything happened 1 day 

00.10am (3/2/13)
celebrating my 26 birthday as a alee's fiance n a single women n abah's daughter before taking away by a guy who deeply love me fr no reason... i just have 2 wish to achieve this year . 
uncle alee n alisa

blowing at d age 26y n 1 day

my 26 birthday celeb, cake must be bigger than this  coz  family i da btambah..hehehe
 my 26 wishes
  1.  be a master student at UPM . in sha Allah, my class will start on march 2013
  2. be a wife to alee rahman mat yasim since he has been waiting for me for too long
  3. achieve my work 2 research dis year

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