Monday, January 30, 2012

A thousand years

Thanx boo for the comforting msg...all the messy thought has gone..a thousand years? Yes..a song from christina perri..what a shining day for me as he lay his melody with his voice...i do appreciate it for making me happy boo...u lighter my day..the critical moment that I have to face now? Its gone.....releasing the negetive charge from my my mass full of neutral charges...i love u boo..

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

None in my mind

About him. I never thought that he will create profile pic for his mobile is something like this. No doubt anymore.he is mine..lately he being so weird toward me by doing sumthng childish n can't imagine his action.but Alhamdulillah, with his personality, he manage to make me filing his heart with pure love....InsyaAllah he is my love here after.b I do love u...with blessing from Allah, our parents, siblings relatives friends....

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Menu? Agak2 ape yg aku nk share kali ni? Hehehee...since ari sabtu till now...aki da masak 4 menu buat pertama kalinya...feel like im ready to be a WIFE...hehhe boleh x? Erm..jom lyn pic excited n rase diri sgt rajin...

Sabtu:kari udang + sayur campur + telur dadar

Ahad: kari ayam + sayur campur

Isnin:bubur ayam

selasa: nasi lemak + sambal udang + ayam goreng berempah....

4 hari ni bdn aku da naik gile....

Ma kngah da pndai masak.....

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Monday, January 16, 2012

writing before literature review jap

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera...

Dengan ayat yang penuh keskemaiannya...huhuhuhuh....hehehhehehe...hahhhahaha...otak tgh ding dong sikit...nk buat literature review tp tgh xde mood lg nie tp at least aku da post asgnmnt for student in CIDOS..rajin x? Ok aina, awk sgt rajin,,, saya bangga dengan awk..boleh x di mid jan 2012 nie..aku nk tkr nama? nk peoples pgil aku FATHIAH? FATHIAH means bile duk sllau pgil FATHIAH..peoples mendoakan aku...mcm nejad nk tkr nama PEOPLES please called me FATHIAH instead of AINA sbb mata ku da cantek..hehhehehehehe...ok da ade moood nk bace journal....doakan FATHIAH FATHIAH yew.....amin...

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Tibe2 aku rase byk dugaan yg datang bertimpa..btl ke? Mcm aku sndri je yg cari pasal..ntah la labu...kalo nk pk lme2...tkut labu2 jd labi2 plak..bior ajer la...Allah sangat Cintakan ummat nya..dengan itu,dugaan diturunkan utk menduga ku..Alhamdulillah..dengan dugaan inilah semngatku semakin membara..Aku berSyukur dan redha dengan Dugaan Mu Ya ALLAH...semoga semngatku terus membara...Amin

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Monday, January 2, 2012

research proposal

1st entry at dis late or precisely very early morning of January 2, 2012...hehhehe proud of me plak rase....angkat hidung sikit the fact is hidung aku nie ____ faham2 sendiri la ye..tibe2 dtg smngat tuk join seminar mcm mne nk buat proposal tuk apply grant JPP besor giler cite-cite aku..the leader of UPI, PKS advertised it last week and the due on 4th Jan 2012. one of my friend said that to join the seminar, we have to prepare the title, make an abstract and a revise a few journal. meaning to say preparing our own material so that the seminar will flow smoothly and achieve the objective of the, this is a big opportunity for me to gain knowledge and polish my skill..need an achievement in my carrier and to pursue my greatest target before im reach im 25 ok!!! gosh...more wrinkle will be exist on my fair skin!!! i need SK II essence yang ada byk pitera..please...back to my achievement...

im thinking of something that never been done or still in  research. currently im one of the Petchem staff which is it is not in my real field/expert in process engineering/petrochemical but im VERY EXPERT in OLEOCHEMISTRY.. angkuh seighh.  when i think about all the process/product that existed. it come from a laboratory meaning to say from a researcher without concerning their real expertise maybe from physician, chemist, biologist, shoemaker dan lain2. from a small scale to a big scale (manufacturer) so  should i be the one who contribute in these field????

regarding to my proposal, im planning to do "purification of lubricant (motor oil ) waste for reuse application. i've never heard about the re-using the lubricant waste. people keep using the new lubricant. from the sustainable perspective, we going to lost the mineral base/ petroleum base. so if we trying to purify /reuse it.maybe it will useful for all consumer. but the quality of the lubricant is not the same as a new one but we can create the new additive to make the efficiency of the lubricant  to optimum performance kan? im very confident about this because, if i not mistaken, the lecturer from INSTEC said that the component of fuel is the same but whats make it different is the additive. for example la, to make sushi we just need an sushi rice, seaweed and vinegar but to make more tasty, we use a different flavor and color same la mcm minyak kete...

so i need someone who expert is this field or have a knowledge about lubricant to carry out my research.actually, i cannot say y research because i still dont know the truth but still i give a try about this..depending from the article,knowledge, company and research institute and if that RESEARCH have been done..lil bit make me down takpe..i will use the plam oil as a main resource rather than petroleum. boleh kn? so do help me to achieve my mission. maybe can give some advise...i will appreciate it

**pape news i update yew....bye n good nite

i wish u guys can achieve your mission and vision in 2012..keep moving forward..let 2011 be your memorable history in your life and make it as ur references in u life...

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