Monday, December 26, 2011


Cant sleep..hehhehe successfully installed blogger blh update blog ble full an idea..go back to main entry..."shifting" y aku gne «$» la..tu kn symbol MONEY MONEY...lately I deeply depress bcoz of my boo..i got no attention for the past few days..yela, working so hard n his boss making his life so so so hard n unmanageable..but the thing is? i'm not trying to understand him..for every moments is his life, he never not to "ding dong" me..means always make a first step to I do understand him..btul ckp cuZzie «sue» [in relation; do undrstnd his field well,bkb sng jd ENGINEER so kne fhm tgs dye sbb keje as a PUBLIC SERVANT x same ngn dont put a blame on him or making his life more stressful in ur relation] blh x nk botakkan kpala BOS dye? Dye sptutnye off day ari dye tpkse keje mlm n da 2 ari keje mlm..he suppose to start his duty at 8pm but he has to work at time to take a long long nap...what r cruelest BOSSS la????anyway boo,sorry for giving a HARD time along these week...poor me to bed without ringing..end of lesson; I end up with regretting n missing u damn much...huhuhu love u boo...keje elok2....making ur appraisal to the fullest..

¤¤¤jom tido..

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