Tuesday, November 30, 2010

66th month already past

date :30 November 2010
time: around 2.32 pm ( start writing)
venue: @ office (coz nothing left to do)
event: nothing to celebrate but 66th month anni to remember

 a lot of thankful to my dear alee coz he always remember our month anni.he never forget bout the precious date n always make me happy with our relation. even though i sleep early last nite. thanx for the calling last nite.he call me rite @ 12.00am just to wish 'happy 66th month anni honey' even though he is working @ nite n sneak out from office to call me. n now, he sleep all day long without any message for me. its ok boo.

thank for always be my side for past 66th month boo

u will forever in my heart no one can replace your love boo
even though  i always hangout with other guys

u are always be my love