Monday, November 30, 2009

today==our 54th month anni

these our latest shot..snap on 28 11 09

erm.... im very happy coz we still on together n even we always get fighting again...he leave me today coz he has to go back n perhaps we will celebrate our day on next period coz time never allow us to celebrate this time
i wish we never be apart bcoz of d stupid reason

p/s: while enjoy eating megi kari letup

Saturday, November 21, 2009

im goin to miss them

bdk2 clas 6 ibnu majah

end of my title as Teacher....

so skrg nie back to my previous job as a baby sitter
jge aliya , my lil chub chub niece....

cikgu harap 4 those stdnt yg dpt 5A dlm upsr buat pilihan yg tbaik tuk skolah menengah nnt very proud of them bcoz 31 pupils got 5A dlm upsr 2009 so 1 improvement from last year dmna hnya 26 org yg dpt 5A..

so lps nie...cikgu hrp kalo jupe cikgu jgn pgil cikgu @ teacher yew..
.call me Akak @ kak Aina...
lbh mesra...