Wednesday, December 28, 2011

chromosome 48

hanging chromosome 48
showing off my anger? do i? finally, everything is revealed...hahahaha...Alhamdulillah..after i have shared everything with boo yesterday then everything revealed..sbnrnyer susah sgt to be a leader...i've tried to give the best for my committee..trying so hard to put them in comfort zone but they never to appreciate it..hard to communicate thru their lips ..i means in verbal..u dont have to pay if u say thanx,congrat, everything went well, so on la yg berkait...i've been thru all the questioned dr org atas...but then? org ats still satisfy with my work but my teammate? gosshh....nasib smlm da hbs express kt alee what i've been through...thanx alee, u always be on time when i really need u...he cant lend his shoulder but he try to pamper me as the best as he can...and he do...inifinity% for him...

sometime i dont understand y people always blaming something for the thing that they never extremely busy to curse other people...actually chromosome 48 ni keep stabbing their frens i care? as along as i do my work n went well...Alhamdulillah...lantak korang la nk ckp ape nk pk..sumtime aku tpikir knp org yg kurang MAJU slalu sibok dgn hal org? tak pernah terdetik dlm hati aku nk curse other people ke...slandering ke...condemn ke...stakat ni belum penah buat lg...all my word based on my fact n thru observation.....

**macam biologist kn entry aku dis time? im ex-biologist..hehehehehehe

Monday, December 26, 2011


Cant sleep..hehhehe successfully installed blogger blh update blog ble full an idea..go back to main entry..."shifting" y aku gne «$» la..tu kn symbol MONEY MONEY...lately I deeply depress bcoz of my boo..i got no attention for the past few days..yela, working so hard n his boss making his life so so so hard n unmanageable..but the thing is? i'm not trying to understand him..for every moments is his life, he never not to "ding dong" me..means always make a first step to I do understand him..btul ckp cuZzie «sue» [in relation; do undrstnd his field well,bkb sng jd ENGINEER so kne fhm tgs dye sbb keje as a PUBLIC SERVANT x same ngn dont put a blame on him or making his life more stressful in ur relation] blh x nk botakkan kpala BOS dye? Dye sptutnye off day ari dye tpkse keje mlm n da 2 ari keje mlm..he suppose to start his duty at 8pm but he has to work at time to take a long long nap...what r cruelest BOSSS la????anyway boo,sorry for giving a HARD time along these week...poor me to bed without ringing..end of lesson; I end up with regretting n missing u damn much...huhuhu love u boo...keje elok2....making ur appraisal to the fullest..

¤¤¤jom tido..

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

mandi & kurus???

wahh....time is really killing 2011....passing without any signal....but life must go on xde kena mengena langsung ...  passionate morning, i guess...conscious at 6am this morning. after the prayer..maen game stupid zombies and racing moto...i couldn't sleep bcoz i cant i give a call to ALEE and waiting without voices...then he called me back... whats make me really and totally surprise is???? he asking me to mandi this is not im terkejut la 

the main point is?? when he said " cepat pegi mandi,mandi awl2 nnt cpt kurus." so surprised  la sbb 1st time dgr this statement..then dye ckp " ye la..bdn tu da makin gemok ...WTH...since kitorg couple,this is the 1st time he said such thing..n i admit that , i know who i am compare to him based o n physical ak n dye ... so since da nk new 1st target is muatkan baju nikah  nah!! pink ko aku highlight ma dulu...da muat tp kalo longgarkan sikit baru nmpk cun..hehhhehhe

boo, u tgk la nnt...april next year, our first date on 2012..don be sakit jantung bcoz of my looks ok!!!!!! please kurangkan telur pada muka...since keje..telur pada muka tu makin besar...hahahha now u got no curve on face la...

***akan ku ikuti arahan mu  

Saturday, January 1, 2011

end of 2010 (31/12/2010 on Friday)

before im start to write..i would like to wish a Selamat Hari Lahir buat kawan ku yg berada di Pekan Baru Indonesia yg baru shj nk memulakan umor 23 nyer yg sbnr ttp hanya dpt diharungi selama 24jam shj sbb esk umor beliau sudah mencecah 24thun including me....hehehhe...m i too young to be 24 @ not? i know, most of u will say YES right? i think u will say NO  thnx for denying it...hehehehe

so now im going to start my essay...end of 2010? what points should i pointed in this last 2010 post?
 it is ok if i just make a review about what happened in 2010? all of blogger are running their post for the last entry in 2010 right? so m i...hehehehee Y m so happy right now? i don know la...should i sharing this happiness with u, readers? actually, just know i had two comment yg belum di approve so before i approve it..i need to read its so so unexpected comment from readers..bout negative output from this two reader la..sorry to my dear reader coz i have my right whether to publish it or not..apa yg sy nk bgth ialah...i think i know whos the noble reader who introduce their self with improper name sgt la tidak bertamadun  so im so happy la sbb probability org ITU adalah a big thnx Q for visit my lets move on to real part ok!..

thun ni x byk sgt event @ moment yg best tp yg pastinyer..we r so happy....because isi dlm bntk point yew..nmpk mmc byk sikit pkara yg blaku...hhehehe 

January 2010

  1. Jobless but home sweet home making me so manja with my ma... job hunting while waiting the permanent kerja tetap mkn tido snrnyer
February 2010

  1. 2nd Feb- no celebration for my birthday except a thousands of wishing n calling from him.. no present from him for the first time in 5 years relation...but i got 3 bar of cadbury end of Feb..he posted from UPM coz dye msih lg bljr...
  2. Job Hunting & Food Hunting..thats y my size change to L...huhuhuhu on progress to S
March 2010

  1. 3/3-New life begin @ Kuching Sarawak..thousand miles from family and him...
  2. 4/3- Officially working @ Kuching happy coz finally sy dpt naik kapal terbang sgt jakun disini! mmg pn coz x pnh naik belon lg..hehehehhe awk dh naik ke? Hidung rendah
  3. 20/3- his birthday..sorry my dear boo coz not celebrating with U.. the distance make us berdekatan di hati be a part...a wishing from me n no present for him also couple revenge ape! not my intention to do so dear..hehhehehehe next year will be yours ok!
April 2010

zero memory already transfer the memory into hard-disk ok!

Mei 2010

  1. 30/5- 5 years anni.. we have been in relation for 5 years but we never met up @ date @ celebrate out anni from year to year coz distance always be our major problemo but next years InsyaAllah..we will met up....Amin...
June July August September 2010

kindly forward mei to October ..hehhehehehe

October 2010
  1. 9/10-jemput mak alee di KLIA 1st time jumpa..sharing the same room with his mak time kt hotel alee di bilik lain ok! he sleep under his dad arm-pick
  2. 10/10-his graduation day @ UPM..a bouquet of roses (5 only)
November 2010
ting tong home sick!

December 2010
  1. 31/12- celebrating the Christmas eve @ Polands house with frens..

note: entry yg plng panjng n menulis dlm keadaan happy sbb dpt tangkap pencelupar! opss...don be so terasa ok!