Saturday, March 17, 2012

guess what

guling2 sambil layan mix..tbe2 tpikit nk bukak external..check out ours picca yg punyer seacrh by folrder then aku jupe la folder "pic friendster"...actually dulu kami ada our own friendster..mse tu fb blum wujud ape yg aku ? hehehhe 


his old face..
waktu ni alee kt matrik pahang tahun 2006 (aina pn matrik pahang gak)

gaya dye mcm lps blik keje kn? i love dis picca damn much...he's in style n looks very workaholic person..very executive right? well...Alhamdulillah...he is bla bla bla executive now....from this picca, nothing changed...his curve sgt gosh getting broad..but still crushing...hehehehe..miss u dear..4 days to go to reach 25....during this time, kami msih lg student matriks n my feeling towards him still vague ...coz my pure intention just to study and pursue my future in medical..kononnye la kan but i failed to complete i end up with chemistry lecturer..but its a big point for to get doctorate in chemistry field..InsyaAllah..need to stabilize my post first before i pursue to higher level..he always give me infinite courage for me to complete my dream..he said " for our own good too in future"...thanx boo sbb slalu memahami keinginan sy...

 lets get back to "vague feeling"..he expressed his feeling  during semester 1 but i rejecting sbb love is very funny for a student like me for that time so keeping our feeling for a its grow from time to time until we manage to go to "menara gading"... as time goes by heart cant stop beating when i think of him..until now.......

now is frenster part: frenster is 1 of social network that connecting people all around the world..its happen to us too...i dont know why i save n keeping this nerve cant find which neuron have been created during saving this here it is...Alee rahman (2006),,,,,,,

thanx all for nk sambung layan lagu amor kt mixfm....layan2 smbil tido..tonite alee x dpt call sbb dye on shift skrg...huhuhuhu..