Friday, October 23, 2009

Aliya Binti Hafizuddin

who is Aliya? she is my 1st niece.... since she was borned 13 days ago... i learned a lot bout to take care a new born baby? u know wat, 4 d beginning its hard 4 me to bath @ to clean up her waste. u know, d baby will not give us any notice @ to mention dat they r goin to pee @ defecate...b4 lactation time...d baby will uuuwaa uuwwwaaa (crying) 4 those who planning to have a baby @ goin to have a baby...please luv ur baby n take care of them with full of luv n do it by urself ok.....

now, i know how to take care of a newborn baby....dis evening, my mum said that when i got married with some1, i can manage my own baby without any assintance so its enough for me n my future husband to take care of my own baby....hehehhehe

(when im goin to get married?)

can u imagined?

sperm + ovum = human (great creation from Allah)