Sunday, January 13, 2013


for sanding
kind of horror sketch but i do love this cutting n might be for solemnization

which one is better?

thinking of this design

im still searching for d best pelamin n dress..hopefully will be decide before  march for the tailoring process


harri ni da 13/1/13nye so lbh 4 bln 16 hari lg..risau ala plak.smlm sblm tids rase mcm byk bnde yg x settle g..gara2 bdk yg bnama aziah la ni..tnye preparation da start or blum..actually, da plan wats gonna happen on my big day tp when she asked, tbe2 rase a lot of thing x settle..just wonder dgn kebolehan diri sendiri..whether i can do it by my own or sewa je..mse planning 101% confident to make it sendiri but since she asked..start to vague....amek mse berjam jgk la tuk aku tido smlm...

skrg ble da bgn lps subuh n xlh tido pk psl baju..Alhamdulillah with the guidance n "nur" from ALLAH..aku started to decide which is i will make my preparation with my own..but dgn bantuan family n alee everything da on list so will start shopping on 31-3/2/13 n 15-20/3/ before blik smnnjung need to list out everything so xde yg missing since aku berjauhan mcm ni... need ur courage support to achieve my "save d date" day....

Ya Allah berikan ku kesenangan dalam menguruskan segala urusan ku...Ameen