Wednesday, December 1, 2010


yesterday is about my month anni but today im getting a lil bit mischievous (naughty) and more blues in soul.
last nite before i off to bed, its hard for to stick my eyes together..maybe just because alee do not sing a belaian jiwa for me as usual because he's on duty. work at nite till morning make my self getting sick of his duty bcoz he will change  from human to owl.sleep all day long like he did yesterday..while im working as usual from 8-5pm. whats make me happy is he never forget bout our month @ year anni, no matter how busy he is..thank boo coz always make my day as i want. he just back from work @ 8am so im not gonna disturb him.let him sleep like a 'sleeping gorgeous (beauty) fairytale story'...OMG this is not what im trying to write....ok!

engage-men? thats the 1st thing that every single women in this world dream of. engage? what does it mean?
when i google the 'engage' mean follow or been stick with but when it come to phone call it means someone is on-call n we cant reach to that person so it put us in waiting mode.....damn..i use a lot of repeating words..OMG.... and it is 'mean' mean after this ok? 

in malay cultural...we have a few step before we get married with someone we love...(do i have to resizing that sentence?)..

step 1 :   merisik--> i dont know the exact term for this word in english just warm-warm nail (suam-suam kuku) so that y when u read my post..its all broken and not using the rite grammar....i just put myself in confidence....back to merisik ok...merisik is a cultural so we dont have to follow it but to put our relation going smooth so this mirisik is very important coz family from the XY will come to XX house to close the relation for both family..from that, we can evaluate them from the meeting and make an inference whether we can proceed to the next stage or being friend..sometime, parents is always rite to judge the people around us....our parent eat salt first than us ok! (our parent have been through all situation before we did so they know better than us to judge the people) dont put your LOVE is everything..ok!    
 in MERISIK, the XY side also provide a ring to XX..normally the cheap one ( a very cheap cheap because we got another 2 step to go so please be patient with the price ok!) but when it come to me...erm....sounds material coz i lil bit material mean (gosh, i use that word again, sorry i have to use it ) , im a person who  always want everything in perfect manner even though one day i will be i want something meaningful for my life n put DIRISIK in my disk what kind of ring should i ask him to buy?
the kayu koka ring (got this from my mum)
the diamond ring (a present from ain, event though a pasar malam, it looks so shining)
 so think of it n push your bf to buy it for u...tell them 'if u love me, so buy the platinum @ diamond ring @ 1k ring above for our RISIKAN'...hehhehehehe...but bear in mind, dont put uf bf in credit condition just to fulfill your desire ok!

when your RISIKAN is successfully so lets proceed to the next step ok...n 2nd one is.................................
(please read the next (becoming) post ok!)

 note foot ( foot note) :
both pic above is my hand i know my 'sweet finger' just belong to diamond only