Sunday, March 18, 2012

how to deliver"express" in a good way?

damn..missing my family damn much n not forget him too...cant wait to meet both of them...this week, family n 3 weeks later, him...<< rihanna make me in a bad situation >> ermm. badly depressed...need someone to pamper please wake up for a second just to voice me..please boo...<< dont want to disturb his ZZzzZZZzz>> baik nyer gf dye..< just for today la..knot!>

guess what? sbb rindu dye sgt..tgk muka shah rukh khan mcm muka dye..adoi.. enough la aina..he's more good looking rather than shah rukh khan la eventho hidung dye x tinggi mcm shah rukh khan..hehhehehhe..

hari ini cuaca is good enough for me to outing..cari2 barang family nk dtg..thingking of lunch too...nothing to demand..mcD is enough for me..not forget apple pie the cinnamon souce..mix well with the apple..hope to make it one ,once i got married..he will be the first i guess...hehhehe.

lets bersiap2 to see whats gonna be happen in brighter day...thinking of buying paper/card/ flower paper/ box paper to start my creation for his becoming birthday in 3 days..hopefully manage to post it n receive it right on 20/3/12..waa...rindunye zaman matrik n ukm...never miss to give it something to him...not expensive but quite expensive as a memory and cannot buy using any currency...just a big HEART can touch it...
LoooooVeeeee u boooOOOooooOOOoooOooo...