Friday, October 30, 2009

* 53rd * 30.10.09*

wats d meaning of d title?

erm....its easy to xplain n simple conclusion

30.10.09 = 0ur 53rd month anniversary i would like to thnx to him coz make it our relation till dis moments
its not easy to reach dis wonderful n great journey in our relation


we have been through all d obstacle n d challenge just bcoz to make
our relation sweet n titan

even d distance make us separate
i know both of us always calculate every moment dat we had
dats y we did it to reach it till now

wish u luck in ur exam...
do d best 4 ur own future
never look back dear...

he send me a msg at 12:51 am " dear...epi month anniversary"
& n &
call me but i did not pick up his calling bcoz i sleep already
sorry dear.....

happy 53rd month anni for us