Thursday, December 22, 2011

mandi & kurus???

wahh....time is really killing 2011....passing without any signal....but life must go on xde kena mengena langsung ...  passionate morning, i guess...conscious at 6am this morning. after the prayer..maen game stupid zombies and racing moto...i couldn't sleep bcoz i cant i give a call to ALEE and waiting without voices...then he called me back... whats make me really and totally surprise is???? he asking me to mandi this is not im terkejut la 

the main point is?? when he said " cepat pegi mandi,mandi awl2 nnt cpt kurus." so surprised  la sbb 1st time dgr this statement..then dye ckp " ye la..bdn tu da makin gemok ...WTH...since kitorg couple,this is the 1st time he said such thing..n i admit that , i know who i am compare to him based o n physical ak n dye ... so since da nk new 1st target is muatkan baju nikah  nah!! pink ko aku highlight ma dulu...da muat tp kalo longgarkan sikit baru nmpk cun..hehhhehhe

boo, u tgk la nnt...april next year, our first date on 2012..don be sakit jantung bcoz of my looks ok!!!!!! please kurangkan telur pada muka...since keje..telur pada muka tu makin besar...hahahha now u got no curve on face la...

***akan ku ikuti arahan mu  

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