Monday, October 1, 2012


need a shoulder...not to cry on but to share my massive burden..dont know where i got this burden..but accidentally i got this last week when one of our research officer unit outlook us seminar penyelidikan & inovasi zon borneo..with the blink of an eye, my neuron suddenly contacting then impulsing lot of idea..well as u know..aina and idea like a romeo and juliet , guitar & string , book & word (aik??this kind of phrase pun ada ka?..haiyoo aina..ape daa...wat so ever la aslong as i have an come out with one bombastic research cymbopogon nardus...(u know how to pronounce ka? ) locally we call it citronella grass or serai im trying to extract this citronella today..but poorly..dont get any extractable oil at all..
surely u cant collect essential oil aina..u just extract for to get lol..y im so gedix2 to join this seminar hah? not because promotion ok but to challenge a gov servant i dont want "eat salary blilnd" need to contribute sumthing that i can be proud of la..

so now, i need to extract the idea how to submit all this kind of "courage" before 5/10/12...huhuhuhu...
no extractable scented result towards housefly by tomorrow

yes citronella essential oil..yes scented gel (using shortening instead of gelatin because dont know where to get gelatin & dont whether citronella scented gel can be produce or not..) hopefully everything make my day tomorrow..

sum tips from majalah...
ok la..nanti story mory lg yew...just finish quarter journal writing..(journal???? Alhamdulillah..esok sambung lg quarter on Wednesday da blh submit...i know u can do it aina...go go aina..go go tido aina..

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