Wednesday, February 15, 2012


my current post is architecture...guess what? bcoz i need to submit a paper work for chemical laboratory a lot of thing that i should do to design the layout..measure every inch of edge like a professional surveyor...poor me coz nedd to do all those thing but its my satisfaction..Alhamdulillah, i manage to finish it in 2 days..u have worked very hard for that,..once u submit the proposal..the last thing that u should do is PRAYER. pray that the DIRECTOR will approve your proposal...i will submit it tomorrow..

one thing to share is, about my research grantt..Alhamdulillah, my team member got a call from the JPP Putrajaya to inform our minor mistake in FRGS form..i finished editing the error and will submit it tomorrow agains, i pray that all my effort will draw a good output.. if not, then i have to try it next semester..never give up AINA..

*** nnt i post pic yg i draw yew..if i remember to upload la...hehhehea

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